Time Energy Bright Clay Pack Cleanser

Description:Formulated with Farm-llumiactTM, LumitamineTM and Niacinamide ingredients, it effectively inhibits the transmission, formation, and deposition of melanin.Infused with nourishing ingredient, Tru-ActiveTM and sensitive care ingredient, Biopeptide190TM, it gently exfoliates and mildly removes dead skin cells.Contains two types of clay: Italian Green Clay deeply cleanses the pores with smaller particles. Whilst the Grey Clay with beneficial minerals, it gently exfoliates the skin and soothes skin after cleansing for porcelain-like skin.2-in-1 formula for effective pore care. It can also be served as a gentle daily facial cleanser.Contains Clay Enzyme Capsules that gently dissolve when massaged on skin, changing the color from green to grey. It effectively removes dead skin cells, cares for the pores, achieving smooth and hydrated skin.


Direction of use:Use as a clay mask: Gently apply to dry face and rinse with water after 1 minute.Use as a daily cleanser: Dispense an appropriate amount onto palm, add water to create a soft lather, then gently massage on face and rinse off.