Time Energy Bright Luminous Cream

Description:Formulated with Farm-llumiactTM, LumitamineTM and Niacinamide ingredients, it effectively inhibits the transmission, formation, and deposition of melanin.Infused with nourishing ingredient, Tru-ActiveTM and sensitive care ingredient, Biopeptide190TM, it brings ultimate brightening effects to the skin.It provides dual blemish care, reducing the appearance of both visible blemishes and hidden blemishes deep in skin to create a flawless look.Infused with fermented ceramide, it repairs the weakened skin barrier after exfoliation and provides powerful moisturization.A low-irritating, high-performing face cream with a hydrating and refreshing texture, nourishes the skin without heaviness, resulting in enhanced brightness and radiance.


Direction of use:At the last step of daily skincare routine, gently apply an appropriate amount from the centre of the face with outwards direction.