Time Energy Bright Spot-Correcting Concentrate

Description:Formulated with Farm-llumiactTM, LumitamineTM and Niacinamide ingredients, it effectively inhibits the transmission, formation, and deposition of melanin.Infused with nourishing ingredient, Tru-ActiveTM and sensitive care ingredient, Biopeptide190TM, it improves scars and spots from multiple angles.With double Niacinamide, quadruple Serine, Betaine, and Panthenol, it effectively targets dead skin cells and melasma spots, providing moisturizing and soothing benefits.With “33 Blemish Care,” it offers comprehensive care for spots, addressing color, size, and quantity, as well as various shades including black, grey and brown.


Direction of use:Before cream, apply evenly on dark spots and blemishes for intensive care of pigmented areas.Apply a thin layer in the morning, and a thick layer at night, for bright and radiant skin.