Time Energy Bright Luminous Serum

Description:Formulated with Farm-llumiactTM, LumitamineTM and Niacinamide ingredients, it effectively inhibits the transmission, formation, and deposition of melanin.Infused with nourishing ingredient, Tru-ActiveTM and sensitive care ingredient, Biopeptide190TM, it provides gentle care, while enhances skin brightness, radiance and hydration.Enriched with fermented pure dew, it enhances the skin brightening effect.Targeting the “7 Skin Evenness Factors”, it improves pores, promotes keratin renewal, smooths texture, diminishes and reduces 3 colors of dark spots, brightens complexion, and adds a radiant glow.With high molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid, it provides a powerful moisturizing barrier for the skin.


Direction of Use:After using toner, pump an appropriate amount and gently apply from the centre of the face with outwards direction.